Remote Desktop Gnome 42 to Android Tablet

I’m trying to use the Remote Desktop sharing to extend my laptop screen to my Android Tablet.
I tried enabling the sharing on Gnome but cannot connect with Microsoft Remote Desktop App on Android. Can someone explain clearly which username to use? The app seems to indicate that the username should be user@domain or domain/user, but the sharing settings speak of just a simple username.
The app mentions gateway settings. Why is this necessary when both devices are configured correctly to connect to the network?
Any help would be appreciated.

RDP is the microsoft protocol while linux uses VNC to connect to a remote desktop.
For this you need the VNC server running on the device you want to connect to.

TigerVNC :: Fedora Docs

I read through the document and it is not clear what is the display number that I should use. I’m trying to extend my desktop to the vnc client on the tablet in this case.