Remove a category and add a category

I think traditional Chinese even chinese category is not required as almost no one post there and traditional Chinese category there is only 12 post so far
So i think there are other languages that other region of the world uses and use fedora too and they are not comfortable with english and our provided categorys so why not provide a option for other language where other language speakers will have that category to ask and help each otherout . What others think about. We should look into it.

Which new language you want to be added?

Does keeping existing languages hindering adding of new ones?

If there is no conflict, should we still keep the two Chinese categories?

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That was my point 2 Chinese category is not required and traditional is also use. We should Marge both.
Having more category create confusion.
I don’t have a specific idea for a certain language but there are users use fedora like Japanese and Russian and hindi and so on we need to provide them a space.