Remove the right slot of my username

I have set up an username on this website, “Captain Jack Sparrow”.

On the right of it something else appears (thebudget72)

Is is possible to remove the writing on the right of my username, or to change it (well, I would change it to the empty string)?

What is to the right is the actual username you log in with. What is to the left is the display name. You can change the display name. You cannot change the username without creating a whole new account.

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Two questions:

  1. How I can hide my username?
    Some people have their username hidden, like dalto:

  2. Why does my username coincide with my email account? Did I choose my own username or did it get set equal to my email address automatically?

I believe that’s based on your Fedora Account.

You can’t hide your username.

You can empty your “name”, then only your username appears, just like dalto did.

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Yeah – you chose it when you created your Fedora Account. We are working on a way to make it possible to change your account name after the fact, but there are a lot of things to work out there, both technically and in policy. (A lot of Fedora tools assume that usernames never change. This site actually works better because it gives you an internal ID and maps that, but much of our stuff does not.)

You created the account and as you did so you created the username. I am unsure about the default, but I certainly entered my username when I created the account.

If you want nothing to display to the left you can go into your profile and change the display name.

That can be handled by creating a digital ID, something like a UUID, for each account. Then the user name could change and the digital ID can be used to map everything.

It can (and that’s how for example this forum works), but that’d require a significant update to a lot of different applications in Fedora Infrastructure which don’t work that way — some going back decades. So it’s a big effort.

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