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I request that the Brave browser be added to fedora repository. Also, I ask for VLC to be included in default as fedora. For some reason, gnome uses totem/videos, which has limited functionality despite being around 10-20 years. I understand FOSS purists don’t like having codecs, but if we don’t start including them as default in an OS, people will never try linux. Firefox allows to much invasion of privacy, as does google chrome. Chromium no longer allows syncing with a google account, so it is essentially worthless.

While I don’t object to include Brave for the users that want it, I just want to note that your statement is only true considering default settings. Howether, Firefox allows very good hardening within “about:config”.

You’ll get very good hardening (at cost of some convinience) with theses configs: this, that, theses and also the following (in “about:config”):

  • geo.enabled FALSE;
  • browser.safebrowsing.phising.enabled FALSE;
  • browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled FALSE;
  • media.navigator.enabled FALSE;
  • dom.battery.enabled FALSE;
  • extensions.pocket.enabled FALSE;
  • network.trr.mode 2;
  • TRUE.

I am going to resist the urge to comment on Brave itself, but it isn’t easy for me. :sweat_smile:

I will point out, since nobody else has that Fedora isn’t the type of distro where you can make requests like this in the forum and expect them to turn into action. Unfortunately, I am not versed enough in the workings of the project to give you better guidance on how new packages are added to the repos.

I would also point out that Fedora isn’t really the best distro choice if you are looking for all-encompassing repos. Fedora has a relatively small repo and relies on a combination of: COPRs, flatpaks and 3rd party repos such as rpmfusion or those provided by the software publishers.


Thanks for all the feedback, guys.

Back to Ubuntu I go!


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We can’t include packages which are not legal for us to include. Some of these packages are available from other sources depending on your jurisdiction.

I know the Brave browser is based on Chromium — this makes it a huge effort to include from a technical perspective. You can just add the repo they provide themselves, though, if that’s what you want.


@n64bomb This is a bit funny, you are concerned about privacy but want to sync everything to google…?!

Btw, it’s the other way around: google pulled the plug, they don’t allow Chromium to sync anymore.


This is how one can get started:

Are you aware of RPM Fusion?

And if we just use proprietary software, folks will never move to FOSS :slight_smile:
It’s not about being a purist, it’s about promoting FOSS, which is one of Fedora’s foundations. Different distributions have different community philosophies, and these are ours. The beauty of FOSS is that people can choose whatever community their personal philosophy aligns with most.

We’re not here simply to make an OS. We are a FOSS community and aim to promote FOSS. Fedora Linux in all its variants is the means we use to promote FOSS.


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