Role and configuration of badges – consider to revise thresholds?

Having been around for a small while on, I took another slightly deeper look around and noted the way badges seem to work.

Ask Fedora provides me with an overview of available badges and the number of how often these have been assigned to people. Recognising that quite some badges have not once been granted, I wonder whether the community might want to reconsider some thresholds. Maybe some thresholds are more ot less default settings?

For instance, Admired Poster: nobody is that. But is that the case? I would definitively think that some people on this platform are admired posters. So, Received 5 likes on 300 posts might be good in 10 years time, but maybe for now, half it, and related thresholds on other badges?

Basically I interested in a conversation here about the interaction strategy or vision around the instrument of the badges. Why do we have them, why these thresholds?

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They do come with the software we do use here. I guess this thresholds are more or less standard settings where are default in Discourse.

There is the Fedora batch system where is more about the community in general. As I do understand this batches are longer in use and do reflect the community’s strategy.


thank you. Hmm, in my humble opinion, if we have a platform, we should make the configuration mean something. The reason being that if the platform here has badges, then they can be read and be associated with meaning. And how should a user know that they are not laden with meaning if the badges precisely signal a meaning and are defined specifically to provide incentives for certain user behaviour?

Thank you for this link. I was not even aware of these.

I would propose that if the badge systems cannot be aligned, and the one here cannot be disabled, then it should be more strategically managed to reflect the community values…

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As you might noticed, @mattdm is making changes. He brings the two instances of Discourse together to one. So please be patient. I can imagine he will also put an eye on this part of the software. Let’s do him do his work firs.


Yes, thanks. :classic_smiley: The eventual goal is:

  1. For us to use the Fedora Badges on Fedora Discussion, completely replacing the Discourse ones
  2. For Ask Fedora to merge into that site.

In order to complete the first, I need to find a resolution to this problem, or else people logging in for the first time but with a bunch of badges already will get an annoying amount of notifications. There are other things to resolve but I think that’s really the only show-stopper.

In order to complete the second, @riecatnor and I need to complete the process of navigating Red Hat’s purchasing bureaucracy, because we need to upgrade to the Enterprise plan to make that viable. I have no timeline for this but hopefully it will not be much longer.