RPM repository over Flatpack

Is it possible to “tell” Software to prefer RPM over Flatpack? Every time I search for something it wants to install flatpack, and I don’t like it. I couldn’t find any settings where I can set such preferences.

Screenshot from 2021-05-23 23-39-03


This is something I also want.

Basically, Software should allow user to filter based on Source and Type:

  • RPM vs Flatpak
  • Source Repositories

The current trend is to take away control from users and have algotrithms do the thinking that users used to do in the good old days.

Like all these alerts and what not and “reminders” and that obnoxious stuff.


Simply disable the flatpak repo and it will no longer try that. Using dnf instead of the gnome software app gives you better control.


I personally have had moments where the software I wanted was only available through a Flatpak. I agree that it is often faster and easier to install software that you know you can find in the repos via DNF, but that isn’t going to apply in all situations and having the ability to change the prioritization order in gnome-software would still be better than not having it.

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I use the dnf CLI to make sure that happens. :laughing: