Search for Keywords in Multiple PDF Files

I have accumulated a lot of PDF files. I am looking for a lightweight app to search for keywords in multiple PDF files. Reference management app like Mendeley desktop is too heavy for me. Ebook management app like Calibre is also too heavy. I only need basic functionality.

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You can utilize full-text search with Nautilus aka GNOME Files.
It works for plain-text as well as PDF files, just start typing.

Do you mean to type the keyword in the file search box? Doing that only return files whose names contain the keyword. I need to search the contents of multiple PDF files.

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I found Recoll but I am not sure it a good choice for searching keywords among multiple PDFs.

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I use recoll to index and search 1000’s of pdf’s without a problem. Just make sure you also install poppler-utils which contains pdftotext that is used by recoll to read pdf’s.

Can I specify a specific folder in which recoll should search?

I think I will use pdfgrep.

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