Searching for a Project

Hi, Fedora Community!

My name is Richard Gregory. I am searching for an open-source project within the fedora ecosystem to write a proposal for.

About Me
I am a former Outreachy intern for Fedora. My speciality is in full-stack web development. Mostly Python stuff. I can also write basic algorithms in whatever programming language.

About the Project

A typical outcome would be a mix of a coordinated open-source contribution, a new tool or prototype, a scientific research paper, or a conference presentation. As long as the project benefits the open-source community, interpreted broadly, it is a suitable project for a Fellowship.

The project should be reproducible, shareable and composable contributions. Contributions should align with community interests and integrate with larger software ecosystems.

The project must have a reasonable chance for success in 12 weeks and should be well-defined and impactful enough to consider funding.


Hi @richardgreg , welcome to ask.fedora.
Have you considered posting your topic over at Project Conversations - Fedora Discussion or CommOps - Fedora Discussion

Ask.fedora is mainly a user support forum, although it has the category Community related discussions, you may get more feedback and meet the Commops people and other Outreachy interns over at the other platform.

I personally still think that a replacement for the former Packages app (hosted at is missing. I didn’t follow the discussion closely, all I know is that there were two (!) replacements in the pipeline, none was deployed. Not sure this suits the requirements for a Fellowship…

Thanks. I’ll take the discussion there.

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reference: Searching for a Project to use in a Proposal - CommOps - Fedora Discussion

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@augenauf, thanks for linking the relevant topic at discussion f.p.o. :slight_smile:

Edit :- We can probably close this thread, now that it has moved somewhere else.