Set Dual Boot Windows 10/Fedora 32 w/ SDD & HDD

I haven’t clicked on the GO button.
Just am waiting for confirmation on if
the instruction to mount nvme0n1p1 on /boot/efi is OK and
Windows EFI System Partition won’t be formatted.

Yes, @twohot.
sda1 and sda2 taken by Windows.
The btrfs volume in sda3.

I just followed someone else’s guidance on installing Fedora 32 on a desktop using btrfs.

Don’t think so really.
I used ext4 for a long time and had quite a hard time to figure out how to setup btrfs.
Moreover it was the 1st time I was doing it.
Anaconda is not that userfriendly to me and finding out how to create the subvolumes took me some days of searching.
I found out and have that desktop running Fedora 32 solely using btrfs.

So its done? You succeeded as per this thread?

Not yet.

I am waiting for you to confirm me if the instruction to mount Windows ESP on /boot/efi won’t format it.


I would only use the / volume with the /home subvolume but everything you show should work well, including mounting nvme0n1 on /boot/efi. As long as you are certain that you did not tell it to reformat /boot/efi then things should be good.
All the other subvolumes you show with their mount points are usually considered leftover from the times of small HDDs and the need then to separate things in order to make things fit in the available space on a physical partition. You certainly may use them but they are not usually considered necessary with the size of HDDs today. Your HDD space is a great plenty and you really do not need to split it up that way unless you choose.

Thank you very much, @computersavvy.
I’ll proceed then.

That is my only concern or doubt.
I didn’t indicate to reformat, just mount ESP on /boot/efi.

After hitting Done (Hecho in Spanish),
this is the list of tasks it will execute.
Doesn’t mention anything on formatting the ESP.

Voilá, @computersavvy, @twohot, @hsljo

Thank you very much to all of you.
Appreciate your help and patience.

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Always glad to be of help, and congratulations.

My only question is
Did it give you the grub menu where you could select the window boot if you chose before booting to fedora? If it did then all is well.

Both systems running perfectly and smoothly.
Yes, you were of extremely valuable help.

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Great job!
And you now have dual boot with everything working and even updated!
Enjoy! :grinning:

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