Should cross-posting be allowed in multiple languages?

Earlier I noticed that someone opened a topic in English a few days ago and then more recently opened a similar topic in a subcategory in their (presumably) native language. I wasn’t sure is this was allowed or not. The guidelines read “Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics”. However, it was unclear to me if this should be applied to this scenario.

I seems like there are pros and cons of allowing it.

  1. If you post in a non-English language first and don’t get a response, reposting it in English would likely get you a much broader audience.
  2. If you post in the English language category first, reposting in your native language will severely limit the number of people who are able to help. However, if you are having problems being understood and want to interact with someone in a language you have a higher proficiency in, it may be the best option.
  3. If you post in multiple language categories at the same time that just seems like spam.

A middle ground might be to only allow it in a single language category and give the poster the choice of which category they would like to move forward with. On the other hand, it isn’t a huge problem that exists here and so I suppose it would be fine to let it happen and address it later if it becomes an issue.



Indeed an interesting point I have not yet thought about.

Based upon the rules I would say it is implicitly forbidden. But I would condone it since the participants are not necessarily the same, and an issue that cannot be solved in one language may be solved in the other. Otherwise, a user has to decide in advance which language to use without the possibility to revert the decision. What if no one in a given language category knows about the topic? Therefore, I am +1 for condone it :slight_smile:

And given the limited number of threads in other language categories, I think it does not set the comprehensibility of ask.fp at risk.