Should the grub menu entries look all alike?

That was my feeling to. I hesitated a bit if I should file a bugzilla or not, as it did depend on what obviously is a non-standard directory on the hosts I saw it on. But with your encouragement :grinning: I’ve now filed bug 1741340.

Given my previous discussion about the intention of the fields in the Boot Loader Specification, I’m not sure everyone will agree what is wrong here. It will be interesting to see.

The presence or absence appear a bit random. I checked two other F30 systems today, both of which have been upgraded several releases. One had what I first thought was a machine ID directory in /boot, but it turned out it was a different 32 digit hex sequence than the one in /etc/machine-id. The other wasn’t converted to the BLS configuration method at all! It still had all boot entries directly in grub.cfg. I’ve no idea why it looks that way.

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I think, there’s a chance machine-id could’ve changed. It shouldn’t on upgrade, but it certainly can on clean install. Another possible explanation is it’s indeed something else – an what I remember seeing is the same something else. Though again, what else can be put in /boot? And I remember subdirectories corresponding to kernels I’ve had at that time – exactly as you’ve described above.

There’s a common Fedora 30 bug that can be the reason (though it’s for BIOS/legacy i.e. non-UEFI systems), also we’ve had this case:

There the poster had corrupted grubenv file, and it looks like that prevented reconfiguring the grub to BLS mode automatically.

Now that you mention it, I do remember there were some boot problems similar to that when upgrading this machine. And it is pretty old. I don’t think the tip on how to solve it was available at the time, but we managed without doing a reinstall.

Maybe not in that form, but I think that information was included with the F30 Beta announcement or something. I only remember because I know I saw it somewhere before F30 was released, and since most of my machines have been on an upgrade-only path since like Fedora Core 6, I made a point of reinstalling grub on all of them before I started doing the upgrades to F30! :laughing:

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