Should we create some "user fields"?

Discourse has the abiility to create “User Fields”, which can be part of a profile. See this screenshot for an example, or the discourse docs.

Should we create some? The idea in the screenshot is just one possibility — self-identification of skill level. We could also ask for things like “Favorite Desktop Environment”, or … anything else.

What do you think?


+1 to this. This might just make the Q&A part of things more fun, like it is in Reddit but let’s not limit ourselves to just desktop environments.

Possible ones can be,
workstation, i3, kde-plasma, xfce, lxqt, sysadmin, developer, foss etc.

You forgot Mate-Desktop, where things are where they have to be!

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good idea.

+1 Nice to have, identify $USER by skills.

Please Consider → SilverBlue