Should we have a "troubleshooting" category?


I am experiencing a problem with my audio. I guess I could put that under “using Fedora”, but that doesn’t seem quite right. Figuring out a problem is a different case from “how do I write a document” or something like that.


Should we improve the descriptions to say “ask anything at all about using Fedora” instead? This encapsulates “how do I…” and “I am having a problem” (and anything at all to do with using Fedora)? That is the idea anyway (or what I’ve understood it to be).

A separate troubleshooting category overlaps with all our categories: troubleshooting while installing, while customising, while using, while upgrading. So, it doesn’t fit in that organisational system.


Organizing things is hard. :slight_smile:

I see your point about a lot of installation questions probably being troubleshooting (although there’s probably also “how do I partition my disk in this certain way” and similar as well). Still, I don’t feel like “my audio makes horrible crackling noises” fits naturally under “using Fedora”. In this case, it’s not that I don’t know how to use it. I just don’t know what to do when the sound is all messed up.

(Well, actually in this case I do know: I found a solution and I want to post both the problem and the work-around so it can help someone in the future.)


Yeh, i get that. Does the “start here” post help a bit? Ive explained how these categories are meant for any and all questions/discussions. Maybe we could tweak the naming of the various categories to make them easier to understand?

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@FranciscoD yeah that would maybe better :slight_smile:


Already been done. What youre seeing are the new ones. Ill close this topic now