Silverblue: Is Google-Chrome browser installable in Software?

I know it is non-free software.

Just that I want to be sure if Google Chrome is meant to be searchable in Gnome-Software?

I still cannot search for it even after it is installed by rpm-ostree already.

  1. New install of SilverBlue 33 to empty SDD
  2. sudo rpm-ostree update, do systemctl restart rpm-ostree if needed, reboot
  3. flatpak update, reboot
  4. Run Gnome-software for the time. Enable third party repos. reboot
  5. Enable google-chrome repo in Software, reboot

After all this, Chrome browser is not searchable in Software

  • by “google” or “Google”
  • by “Chrome” or “chrome”
  • by “google-chrome”
  • by browsing the Communication category / Browser

The above is the same even after google-chrome is installed by “rpm-ostree install google-chrome, reboot”.

This may be what you want: GitHub - flathub/

I’m not certain if chrome should be visible in GNOME software, but to my knowledge rpm-ostree software is left out as much as possible.

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It is fine as long as it is by design:

  • Silverblue user will not “discover” google-chrome in Software
  • google-chrome can be installed by rpm-ostree after the required repos are enabled