Site color palette?

Along the same lines as Fonts for this site?, I was looking at the color schemes as a stop-gap until we have the more official theme. @hhlp I noticed that on this site, we have the “Dark” color scheme defined, and a couple that aren’t in use (some themes loaded into the site config but not enabled), but no “Light” color scheme even though the Light theme is the default.

Is this an oversight?


If I understood your question well

The light/dark themes don’t have any custom styles, they’re just blank themes with a color palette selected.

We cannot tweak default discourse theme:

1.- Ask fedora is the default discourse theme renamed with this name
2.- Sam is another default name

Light and Dark has the following tweaks:

A. Do not display vote for 0 in latest and top view
B. Do not display the avatar of the last replay only the topic creator

I do not know anything about grey Amber and dark rose :thinking: altought I’ve delete it.

Updated 27/10/2021:

Also I’ve created the *Light Color schema to find perfectly in the search.

Captura de pantalla de 2021-10-27 11-32-04


I was not aware of that but For some strange reason works without define the color schema…


Now you’re able to do the same as discussion.fp.o here: → I changed the fonts -- and some colors - Site Feedback - Fedora Discussion

Regards., hth

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Yes, exactly. Thanks!

On my computer the new design and font looks great. I have seen it today under Windows.thank you.

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With the new colors I have an issue with contrast. I use the default (light) colors and now the blue links in the black text are a color blue that is almost undetectable to my eyes. The way it was before they were easily seen.

In this particular image it is not so bad because the text identifies it., but when there are only a word or two in a sentence that is difficult. See the paragraph above the image, and its screenshot below

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That’s useful feedback. I picked that blue because, hey, Fedora Blue. We could do one of:

  • switch from Fedora Dark Blue to traditional Fedora Blue
  • switch to the new bright blue of the logo
  • make it not blue at all, after all.

Unfortunately without customizing the theme, the setting applies to “links, some buttons, notifications, and accent color”, not just links.

Using the dark theme (I can only choose light or dark) the links are visible, but I have never liked the dark background.

The way it was I could easily see the links, maybe one of the other blue colors will be better.

The second image I posted above clearly shows the lack of contrast between the text and link colors.

So, I changed it to the new Fedora Bright Blue color instead of Fedora Dark Blue. What do you think? Too light?

good color blue for me

I can live with that. Not a lot of difference in the colors but enough that the contrast shows better. Thank you.