Site lockouts?

Continuing the discussion from Help! Fedora just randomly deleted hours of my work and bricked itself all on its own:

Hi Timm. I can’t see anything in the logs, so I asked Discourse[1] support to look deeper. They can’t see anything either, so, @timmithy, if you can help us make sure this doesn’t happen again to you or anyone else, can you give a little more detail?

  • When you are locked out, do you see a pop-up or error message appear when you tries to log back in?
  • Does this happen in a private/incognito window? What browser(s) are you using?
  • Does your browser currently have any browser plugins?
  • How do you finally gain access to the site? Does you continue to try logging in until successful?

Thank you! Hopefully we can track that down.

  1. that’s our forum software here ↩︎