Site tip: the best way to ask a follow-up question

When you ask a question and get a good answer, we appreciate it when you check the “Solution” box. This gives a thank-you to the person who helped you, and helps future visitors with similar issues find the answer quickly:

But, sometimes, you also have a follow-up. If it’s directly related to the same problem, you can of course reply in the same thread. But if it’s really a different, related topic, there’s a better thing: you can create a continuation. Unfortunately, this is a bit hidden. To do this, first click on the icon in the reply bar:

… to expand to:

Now, click on the :link: icon to bring up the “share link” dialog:

From here, you can:

  • copy a URL which provides direct link to this reply,
  • share the post to social media, or
  • do what we want to do now: create a linked new topic.

Click “+ New Topic”, and you’ll immediately get the normal create new post form at the bottom of the screen, pre-filled with a link to the existing topic thread:

Write a new title describing the new issue, add tags and change the category if appropriate, and post as normal. This will also automatically create a link in the original topic, so that other people can also easily find your follow-up.

If you forget to do this, you can also flag your own post for moderator attention. Moderators can split threads after the fact, which is helpful for future visitors who can then find answers to both questions more quickly without reading everything in a mega-thread.

In any case, since you now have a separate thread for the new question, you can also mark a new separate solution when one is found.