Slovenian language missing in Fedora 36 installer

When I launch Fedora 36 installer, Slovenian language is missing from the list of available languages. Funny thing I just upgraded Fedora 35 KDE Slovenian to 36 with no problem on my secondary machine.


Feel free to help translate ! The installer is anaconda.

On the top of the list just translated 10%. That’s why you cant select Slovenian. It is needed to translate about 80% that it will appear.

As mentioned above, installer is an independent app with own translation.

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This is an issue of a missed an already present translation. There is no need to translate what has already been translated. Slovenian translation has been included at least from Fedora 34 as far as I know.

I have included a screenshot to explain the issue better. Slovenian language has been present next to Slovak (Slovenčina) at least from Fedora 34 as far as I know, but is now missing.