Slow Booting of F32 Beta

The booting of Fedora 32 Beta is very slow. The procedure of the last line always takes about 40 s to complete. What’s the problem?

I’m using a Huawei matebook x pro.

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Try to edit:


search for the line:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/nm-online -s -q --timeout=30

and try to change --timeout= value to a smaller one. I had it set to 30s by default but service started after 10 seconds.

I reduced it to 2 seconds and I didn’t notice any negative impact on the system. Maybe somebody else knows if it could have a negative impact on e.g. installing updates during system startup.

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Thank you. I reinstalled the system and the booting speed is acceptable.

I just want say I am experiencing the same on fedora 32 beta, really slow startup on an ssd. I will try what roypen suggested. If it’s still slow, I’ll reinstall too.

I recreated the installation media and reinstalled a couple of times. I still have a much slower boot than fedora 31. I created a bug report if anyone else wants to chime in.


A recent update of the system made the booting slow again. I tried as roypen suggested and the booting speed is good now.