Sound devices not showing - missing packages?


I have taken a deep dive into linux lately. I recently reinstalled my fedora to fedora 36 server with the custom install. I have setup i3WM and some other custom stuff and it works great for the most part. But the internal sound card does not seem to work.

I assume I am just missing some drivers or something for my intel soundcard. I had a simaler install a copple a weeks ago but when I installed that I hooked off sound and video during the install, if I remember correctly (been some monts since I did) This time there were no such option. Sound is however working with external usb devices e.g. headset and thunderbolt dock.

Attaching image from hwinfo --sound

I recently dealt with a similar thing, and the root cause turned out to be incorrectly-installed firmware in the Intel ME (yes, I know, it’s crazy).

The solution was to go into the BIOS and ensure that “Intel AMT” is enabled, then reboot, then use fwupdmgr install to forcibly reinstall the proper ME firmware for my laptop (which will reboot again).

After that the built-in audio hardware showed up and is working fine.

Which laptop model are you using?

I can’t seem to find this option. My BIOS is very limited…

When trying to run thins, I get No devices supported:

My laptop is Lenovo Yoga slim 7.

Very wierd as it was working fine with multiple distroes in the past.

Ahh, then my ‘fix’ doesn’t apply to you. Sorry.

No worries. Hopefully someone else has something to come with. Or I’ll probably figure it out eventually.

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