Subcategory merge is done!

As discussed here: Is the "installing" vs "using" categorization buying us anything?, we’ve removed the subcategories from each language section. As noted in that discussion, those particular subcategories weren’t really doing a lot for us, and may have even been a barrier to getting started for some people. We’re open to the idea of other sub-categorization in the future though, so please feel free to give feedback on that here.

Also, I changed “Discussions in English” to “Ask in English”, kind of on a whim. Let me know what you think of that!

Also, because we no longer need to use the description to explain that subcategories should be used, we could maybe put something longer and friendlier there. Suggestions?


I think we need to update the introductory posts in the #start-here category to reflect this change.

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I hope the language mix between categorized languages will end too (e.g. Spanish in the English category).

If you’re seeing Spanish-language posts in the English category, flag them and we can move them.

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Oh, yes, we do. I missed it at first glance because it’s under a “Click here…” drop-down in Welcome to Ask Fedora! Please read me first!.

Do you want to take a crack at updating that?