Suggestion: should redirect to

Currently, entering redirects to

I suggest it should be redirected to instead:

  1. I guess majority of Visitors to wants to know about the project as a whole , not just to download the OS
  2. “start” provide a more complete coverage of the Community aspect as well as the OS aspect to Vistors.

Hi, I think this is a good idea. You may want to post or link your suggestion in:

ask.fedora is supposed to be end-user support, while the discussion around the project itself seem to happen over at

If you take a look at Objectives/Websites & Apps Community Revamp - Fedora Project Wiki and Fedora Objective proposal: Websites & Apps Community Revamp - Websites & Apps - Fedora Discussion and How do you feel about the new design of page? - Websites & Apps - Fedora Discussion, you can see that there is currently an initiative to renew a few websites. So, maybe your suggestion comes at the right time…


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