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Hi Fedora Community,

So happy to be using fedora after 15 years on Microsoft. I am looking to build a computer for 3d modelling on a budget. Is there anyone here that could offer any direction to any resources,books, videos on you tube, or other forum members who could assist.

This PC would be used to build programs to help Fedora extend its reach in the Linux community as I am a big advocate for fedora and FOSS in our business.

Thanks again.

best regards


By modelling I assume Blender is involved

You can get a lot from searching the internet on your own.
Look for Tutorials by Andrew Price (he also recommends other excellent materials). CG Cookie is also respected for delivering quality Blender courses. You can get a lot from too. Lots of amazing talents there.

Your request is not really Fedora-specific but have fun all the same


Also ask people who do 3D modeling, if the AMD cards is useable.  Because amdgpu driver is either free, or open software.  Nvidia is a special topic over there.