Tags can now have descriptions! Request / discuss them here

New feature as of Discourse 2.8.0 beta 9 — tags can now have descriptions. You will see that description if you hover over the tag by the topic title. (Try it with “audio”, or “meta” on this post.

I don’t personally plan on an effort to describe all tags, but if someone else feels inspired, go for it. Also, if you have a particular tag that seems like it’d benefit from an explanation — like for this situation What's a good tag for Fedora-Infrastructure related topics? , reply here. Use the format

#tag: Suggested description

in your replies, and the moderators can check off those suggestions as they’re applied, like

#tag: Suggested description

I’ll also set this up to auto-delete replies in a month, so it doesn’t get long. The history will be in the active tag descriptions.