The F34 / GNOME 40 three-finger vertical swipe

I’m not fundamentally opposed to the radical rearrangement of the desktop in F34, the way some people are. I’m surprised by it, and suspect it will take a lot of getting used to, but I figure either I will, over time, or there will be Extensions to undo some of the more vexing changes.

HOWEVER, that being said… I’ve recently installed it on my secondary / infrequent-use machine, an ~8 year old Dell laptop. (Always picked as the first of my three machines that’s thrown into the abyss, for any big changes.) And I have to ask: Does anyone else find that the vertical three-finger swipe gesture feels like dragging yourself one-handed up a mountain?

The horizontal gesture to switch workspaces is fine, a quick flick of the wrist right or left and the next workspace over flits into view.

But the vertical gesture, holy crap! I find that I have to push SO. FAR. to be sure it will “catch” and the dock actually show up. If I try the same quick flick that I use horizontally, the desktop will jump up a bit only to instantly flop down again, ignoring the swipe.

And once I’ve gotten far enough for the dock to come up, getting to the application list is even MORE of a chore ­— and seems like it’s constantly trying to turn my vertical swipe into a horizontal one instead, with the workspaces twitching side to side while I’m struggling to drag the application grid out of some quicksand it seems to be stuck in, behind the dock.

Is it just me, and my less-than-stellar, bargain-basement, getting-on-in-years laptop? Or is this a more widespread issue others are seeing? I’ve also noticed that the application grid has a weird habit of getting “stuck” pulled just a little ways up behind the dock. It’ll hang there, neither open nor closed but in some sort of weird limbo for a few seconds, before I finally manage to drag it out fully.

I’m beginning to wonder if the vertical gesture setup may just be too complex and have too many moving parts? Horizontally it’s just swipe-right, or swipe-left; simple, direct motions with little room for interpretation or missed gesture targets. So, unsurprisingly, those gestures work fine. But vertically it’s been kind of a nightmare so far, TBH. And it doesn’t feel as simple as a case of “getting used to” it, though as I said I’m still keeping an open mind.

(But what I’m really dreading is finding out how this is all going to play on my desktop, armed with only a traditional optical wheelie-mouse — vertical-scroll-only, even.)


Maybe there are too many moving parts in that it requires Wayland. On X11 there is no three-finger swiping, so I am spared your misery…

However, even the two-finger horizontal swiping in application view has always felt too difficult for me. I usually have to try several swipes or be very deliberate and lengthy with the swipe to actually switch to the next “page” of applications.

The swipe behavior in gnome feels quite unlike the typical finger flicks on a cellphone for moving through similar user interfaces.