The Ultimate guide to Linux

If anyone needs help with Linux related problems,

check this out:
Here is a list of solutions and other Linux related stuff, which one might find useful!

I would keep on adding new stuff to it.

I have created theses docs myself and everything is safe. And the link leads to my Google docs

It is a little deceptive that you have a link called “Linux world” that leads to google drive.

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I just wanted to share my work with you people,
Whenever I faced any problem in Linux, I searched the internet(like everyone does) and noted down all the links to the best solutions I had in Google docs, so that I can refer to them in future.
I thought that these might help some people as these are well-tested solutions.

Now go and check the Garuda forum too @dalto :rofl:

I think the meaning of the post by @dalto is that it would be more inviting and definitely appear safer should those be posted somewhere other than a personal google drive account

While I agree with that 100%, the original reason for my post was that prior to being edited, the link to google drive was hidden behind the text “Linux world”

I have updated the post with cryptpad link

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