There is no CHECKSUM file for Fedora 36 spins

I cannot find the CHECKSUM file for the Fedora 36 beta spins.

Clicking on “Verify 64bit!” under the heading “Verify your Download!” on

But the page that opens shows:

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.
Apache Server at Port 443

Is there another place to get the checksum file for the Fedora 36 beta spins?

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I guess this is because it is beta ralease, the iso’s change almost every day.

If you want to check before installing, you can do it booting in to the the default boot option who tests the media.

this is a issue please post a bug report at bugilla

that is not a case it say with beta1 until next beta2 releases

It can have more than 2 beta releases … it depends if it is go or no go.
Fedora Linux Release Life Cycle :: Fedora Docs

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You can go to:

Pick a mirror and find: (for example)

Edit … @ledeni linked directly to the file below. (thanks)

this one is for beta spins

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This has been fixed now.