Three clicks to poweroff

To close down my computer I have to click three times Power off / Log out. I am the only one thinking that is too much for this question?


Agreed, but unfortunately nothing to do with Fedora, but rather GNOME itself.
You can shorten the path somewhat by either

  • Setting the power button action to Shutdown and using that - that will circumvent the clicking twice in the system menu but not the final confirmation dialog - or
  • Disabling the dialog using gsettings set org.gnome.SessionManager logout-prompt false - that will circumvent the final dialog but not the need to click twice in the system menu.

I don’t know of a way to unfold the power menu in the system menu by default - that’s what I’d really like. I don’t mind the confirmation dialog, but hiding that stuff in a submenu is silly.


I personally think that clicking three times to shutdown the computer is fine considering how often I shut down my computer (once a day) and how long it takes to perform the three clicks (2 secs?).

However, you may find an extension that places a direct shutdown button Gnome’s top bar:

for example:


See also: Four clicks to Power Off


I think it’s designed to use suspend as much as possible. The only time one is expected to restart is when Gnome-software goes “updates downloaded, restart to install?”.

I don’t use the mouse at all. Maybe that’ll work for you folks. More typing, but no leaving the home row on the keyboard:

  • super key to get to activities overview
  • “shu” -> search brings up “power off” button
  • hit enter
  • walk away and let it shut down in 60 seconds, or two right arrows + enter for immediate shutdown?


  • alt + f2 to bring up the command box
  • poweroff + enter (if you have a terminal open all the time like me, this is probably quickest)

You can try “Keybord shortcuts” in “Settings” to assign gnome terminal executing “halt” program to be assigned to keyboard keys combination. I believe halt program does not require root privileges. It is there probably more gentle way to close Gnome, than halt command, but there is need to search

I’m also more of a keyboard person, so I guess that’s why the many clicks annoy me even more whenever I do use the mouse.

However, I just read through the thread @vgaetera linked, and the additional step to unfold actually makes sense to me now: On my desktop the menu is fairly empty, so it seems pointless, but on a laptop with a bunch of connection options etc. having that unfolded actually can make the menu needlessly long.

Guess the lesson is that the GNOME devs actually do think about UI a lot …

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Thanks for answers. I will continue to use CTRL_ALT_DEL tp power off.


You could use “sudo systemctl poweroff”.


Oh well @blueshurricane4, you have to start a terminal in order to shut down the machine… We are not all old style UNIX bearded men :joy:

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You could put the shutdown command in a .desktop file. Then you can run it with whatever application launcher you use.


You can also assign systemctl poweroff to a key binding IIRC so you don’t have to open a terminal.


Personally, I prefer the following method:

Super, ~/`, Arrows, Enter


  • Keyboard friendly
  • Locale independent

That is super-cool, I didn’t know ~ etc bring up the power menu items.


What, you don’t always have a terminal running? :wink:


I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts:
super+alt+delete to trigger systemctl suspend
super+alt+end to trigger systemctl poweroff


Thanks. Great work. I will follow this project.

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