Time to change the 404 page

Continuing the discussion from Updating the 404 template to mention the move to Discourse:

The 404 message currently says:

Welcome to the new AskFedora! Sorry, we couldn’t find that page. If you are looking for the older platform, it is archived at askbot.fedoraproject.org.

Since that’s now a loop, we should change that to … something else. Suggestions?


Currently askbot.fedoraproject.org redirects to this forum and that’s fine.
But since you have started fixing 404 links, there’s a couple more:

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Ah, yes. But that’s a different thing from this forum configuration, right?

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Why not use the default discourse 404 page which provides a list of popular and recent topics?

EDIT: I see, it is just the text at the top of that page.

In that case, why not use the default discourse text which reads "Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."


Yeah, we totally could go back to the default, but we could also make it be something more interesting. :slight_smile:

Interesting, eh?


How about: Arr matey. Ye be followin’ a link that be endin’ in the maw o’ the kraken



I’ve put it back to the default for now.

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