Tracker3-miners keeps crashing and filling up coredump

Hi everyone,

I don’t know why, but tracker3-miners is keep crashing in my system.
Everytime I delete the crash report in abrt, and close it, notifications that saying tracker3-miners crashing will appear (see gif):

Not only that, it keeps filling GBs of data in /var/lib/systemd/coredump again and again even though i already delete it:

I don’t know how to read crash report, but here is example that i took from coredump:

Anyone can help me?
Thank you!

Reinstalled Fedora 33 last month, and still got this problem since then

Is this probably a bug or something?

Things can go wrong once in a while with tracker’s database.
When you start getting error messages like the one you did, do the following:

Delete the folders:

Open up “System Monitor” and click “Resources”.

Open a terminal and type:
tracker daemon -s

You will notice that your CPU will go under load. It’s the tracker indexing from scratch every file and folder. This can take minutes.
When it stops, reboot.

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