Trouble trying to propose a Common Bug

Continuing from a message in the devel mailing list:

I had some trouble trying to propose a Common Bug.

I understand the intention to be that nothing is posted directly to the Common Issues category.
Instead, new entries are written to Proposed Common Issues subcategory,
and there is a process to promote those proposals to actual Common Issues.
So the Open Draft button is enabled only for Proposed Common Issues.
However, there is a glitch:

  1. Open
  2. Click on the Common Issues category
  3. Observe that Open Draft button is grayed out (expected)
  4. Select f36 (or any other tag) from the tags dropdown
  5. Observe that Open Draft is now available (unexpected)
  6. Click Open Draft, observe that editor for a new post in Common Issues opens,
    but the common issues template is not used
  7. Type a title and a body, submit
  8. Observe an error

I got forward by changing my post’s category in the editor,
so the immediate problem is solved.
To spare others from such problems,
I suppose Open Draft should stay grayed out throughout.
Maybe somebody with admin access could check if such configuration is possible?

It’s weirdly hard to test this with admin access, because it is always on. I can post to all of those categories even when I don’t want to. I’ll need to try it with a fake account to reproduce what you’re seeing.


What I see is similar but has a workaround. When I select categories I only see the common issues category. If I select that then do a search (after clicking on that category the second time) I can bring up the proposed common issues category and add that as a sub-category at the top.

I don’t know what happens past that since I did not feel that I wanted to post a test, but I can say that opening a new topic is possible with just the common issues or with the proposed common issues sub-category also selected. When I opened to post a new topic it did not give me the template for common issues but did with the proposed sub-category selected.

The step I needed to add to get the template was to click on the common issues category button again then search for the proposed common issues category. Once I selected that sub-category then the template showed up.

I think that selecting the common issues category then selecting new topic should automatically open the template and also add it to the proposed sub-category.

I agree that a user should not be able to post into the common issues directly, but only into the proposed common issue sub-category with the template.