Tweak keys to change brightness


Press the up brightness key on the keyboard once to increase the brightness by 5.
Please tell me how to change it so that only 1 is up each time I press the key.
It’s too bright or too dark.

I think your can use keyboard shortcuts with that program:

dnf install light

First, open the settings:

Second, start typing: keyboard shortcuts, and choose this:

Third, scroll down, then press the + button:

Finally, set up the shortcuts:

"Screenshot of the Add Custom Shortcut popup window from Gnome3 Settings. This window helps the user to set up an action (here: command light -U 1) and its binded keyboard shortcut. This shortcut named Brightness --"

The same as above, but with its action being light -A 1. This shortcut named Brightness ++"

Good Luck!

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