Two questions about upgrading "R" through terminal and dnf

My machine runs Fedora 32. I have installed “R version 3.6.3” through dnf.
R version 4.0.0 has been released on 2020-04-24, so I would like to upgrade.
Two questions: (1) is it possible to install an appropriate R’s repository so as to upgrade as soon as possible and safely through dnf? or, (2) do I have to wait for Fedora project to check the latest R release before being able to upgrade through dnf?
I have already checked and
Thank you very much

There was a PR to update R to version 4.0.0 a couple of days ago, apparently it will find its way to Fedora shortly. Unless you urgently need something not found in 3.6.3, it’s best to wait and not mix and match stuff.


I am also waiting for this update. Hopefully it will come very soon.

I’m too waiting for R 4.0 rpm to be released for Fedora. Could I install rpm released for OpenSuse?

Any timeline for the update of GNU R on Fedora 32?