Unable to edit my wiki

I made a wiki long back when I was a Fedora ambassador. Right now I am a pretty popular public personality and need to remove my contact details from wiki to be safe from trolls. But I am not allowed to ed6it it. What should I do?

Any help is really appreciated

I’m sure every Fedora Contributor registered with FAS using an email address. Account credentials can be reset – you know how. Otherwise, log into your Fedora Account and edit your wiki.

Hello @asen, to edit your wiki page, you need to log in with your FAS account, as said by @twohot
In order to edit Fedora Wiki pages, you need CLA+1. This means that you need to be part of one or more FAS groups. This limitation is due to spam issues.
Since you were/are an ambassador, you should be in Ambassadors FAS group, probably, please check that.
Are you using your old FAS account or have you created (and using) a new one?

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I think I have left all groups I was part of. I doesn’t show CLA+1 for me. Is there any way out? I still use the same email address

Strange. Your FAS account should be asen. But I can’t find it. @admins, how it could be possible?

People have been trying to reset the passwords of multiple of my social media accounts.

Could you please guide me about whom to talk to to fix this? As a journalist I face a lot of threats and I was immature in college to list my home address on my Fedora ambassadors page.

Hello. First of all, you should remember what your FAS account is.
Then, I would advice to contact the infra team: https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues