Unstable Graphics on Fedora 33 with Kernels 5.10.9 and 5.10.10

Hi all, I have 2 systems (laptop and desktop) that seem to be behaving reliably after I put 5.10.16-200.fc33.x86_64 and i915.mitigations=off on each system. Time will tell if they remain graphically stable.

My desktop GPU chipset is the same as @sameyepatch and @anthonys53 so if your mileage is different, I would suggest running journalctl -b0 | grep mitigations and see if the i915.mitigations=off made it into the log without errors other than the kernel tainting message. I also took the defaults for the Compositor settings in System Settings.

Supposedly the 5.11.x kernels will have the i915 fix based on my earlier post with the link in it.

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HI Anthony,
This has been fixed at redhat bugzilla. Still has not been merged into kernel. Here is bug: 1925346 – Screen glitches after updating to Kernel 5.10.10

To fix before it is merged into kernel, follow instructions on comment 13.


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Thanks, Philip,
I followed the instructions there yesterday, and all problems are solved. Best regards.