Updated F32->F34, microphone extremely quiet

Updated directly from Fedora 32 to 34 a week ago. Since then I have had difficulty with voice chat because my microphone is now emitting at a nearly inaudible level. This is particularly noticeable in Discord, and while the problem might be completely within their app they’ve never been helpful with Linux problems. I read in the update notes that Pipewire is now used for audio and I suspect this change could be involved. Systemctl shows that pipewire is running instead of pulseaudio (although I can still manage audio via pavucontrol; I’m not entirely sure how this all works). I turned up the microphone level through pavucontrol to 100% but that did not significantly affect audibility. Saw another post here about checking journalctl but it does not report any errors related to audio as far as I can find. Would like any help in determining what the problem is and I can run any requested commands for more information; I’m not sure what to provide currently.

Did u already try to disable Automatic Volume and Level for Audio Out and In within the app(s)?

I did try that, and usually discord just crashes if I let it handle audio levels automatically.

It might be worth checking the microphone levels and boost for the ALSA layer using alsamixer (hit the ‘s’ key to choose the correct card first).

This may or may not help you: PipeWire - ArchWiki