Updating the 404 template to mention the move to Discourse

Now that we’ve moved, links based on askbot are broken and return 404s. It’ll be good if we can edit the 404 template to mention that we’ve moved to Discourse.

From: https://pagure.io/fedora-websites/issue/953


Do any @staff see any settings about this? Otherwise we can contact support and ask them to do it for us.

I was looking too and couldn’t find anything.

Emailed support and cc’d you @mattdm.

Cant be done on our plan but some plaintext tweaks can be made.

We cannot fix redirects here, only update the 404 page. There’s a different topic for redirects and so on.

The plaintext on the 404 page can be changed, and was. I forgot to say so here. It now says:

“Welcome to the new AskFedora! Sorry, we couldn’t find that page. If you are looking for the older platform, it is archived at askbot.fedoraproject.org.”

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