Upgrade 34 - boot failed

I am 33 to upgrade 34.
I am going Fedora 33 update problem - #6 by jayp

I am going Https://gist GitHub.com/Tamal/73e65bfb0e883e438310c5fe81c5de14

Fedora (5.12.15-300.fc34.x86_64) 34 (KDE Plasma)

I not did CDRom insert

Fedora (0-rescue-038…e8f80) 34 (KDE Plasma)

Your link is broken … here the working one:
Setting up chroot from a live image in Fedora. Regenerate grub2 for Fedora. · GitHub

I am help!!

Also see DNF System Upgrade. The doc provides the official procedure to perform Fedora upgrades.

I am not hard disk fedora 34, and live USB?

  1. Live cd/USB
  2. Mount /boot. /boot/efi /
  3. Dnf system upgrade / performing system upgrade