Upgrade from 33 to 34 Stopped at 93% Complete. After 12+ hours Powered Off

Last week I was upgrading from Fedora 33 to 34 using Gnome. It got to 93% complete and just stayed there. After more than 12 hours I (very reluctantly) threw in the towel and powered it off. If I try to boot into one of the previous versions of 33 a screen comes up and tells me something very bad has gone wrong and to contact the system administrator, which is me (home computer) :). It is a dual boot machine and I can boot into windows10 no problem. I’ve been using a Live CD version of 34 and trying to look at the logs to see what went wrong, but can’t find the logs that tell me anything. Couldn’t read /var/log/dnf.rpm.log . It had an X on it and wouldn’t even show up doing an ls -als in terminal mode. All the disks look healthy so don’t think it’s a hardware problem. Anyone know if there is a log file that will tell me what the problem is and how to access said log file? Thanks in advance. R.J.

Does boot to text mode working by appended below to the kernel boot parameters?

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Thanks for responding. I forgot to mention, I can boot into text mode by selecting the boot option “Fedora (0-rescue-99*******0957) 30 Workstation Edition”. I was mostly using the Live Fedora CD to troubleshoot though.

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