Upstream Release Monitoring / bugzilla reports error

Dear community members,

I am interested in following 2008967 – gnucash-4.8a is available - but the only thing happening is that the script/bot called “Upstream Release Monitoring” reports that they do not have the correct download URL for the respective upstream package.

Whom to report about the correct URL to at least point the system to the correct package?


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Maybe you could find gnucash and fork it on Make edit on *.spec file and then make pull request.

I also have problem with Timeshift package on Fedora Workstation 35 that’s not updated to latest version. Since the last version 20.03 on the repos didn’t work. But since I’m not a developer, I’m not quiet sure what’s need to change. :sweat_smile:

That depends on what we’re looking to do.

If the URL on is wrong (i.e., it’s getting wrong versions), you should be able to edit this here:

If the URL in the package is wrong, that needs to be corrected in the spec file as noted by @oprizal

You can open a pull request if you are not a Fedora package maintainer yet:

Maintainers update packages when they have enough spare time. With the Fedora 35 release to be made next week, we’re all a little busy making sure our packages are ready. So I’d expect this and other updates to continue after the release when we have some more time.

I see that the 4.7 update was pushed a month ago, so the maintainers are keeping tabs on the project.

I see bugs filed for this already:

For a start, I’d look at the bugs and drop a comment on the one that fits your issue, or file a new one if required. (You can log into bugzilla using your Fedora account).

I’m unsure if the maintainer is actively looking after the package at the moment. Their last activity on it was some time ago.

The policy in Fedora is that if the package breaks (fails to build or install) for a while, it’ll be retired:

Fedora package maintainers are volunteers, so we work on all these packages in our free time—after finishing our day jobs and taking care of our personal lives. Sometimes there’s just not enough time left though and our voluntary contributions to Fedora need to be reduced. That’s why we are extremely happy if others can help us maintain packages so that we can look after them together and prevent a single point of contact/failure.

If any of you would like to join the package maintainers, just to look after packages that you use (which is what we do), here’s the documentation on how to get started: