USB drive attached to router

An USB drive has been attached to the port at the router.
Now, how do I configure the system to be able to recognize and see the drive?

That port is not commonly used to allow the lan to access the drive, but is usually used to store the router log files for later perusal. With most routers it cannot be used as network accessible storage.

What router (brand & model & firmware)?
What exactly are you trying to do?

This is a pretty generic question. What system (router or PC on the lan)? What OS? Is the drive already formatted and mounted? How are you expecting to access it (nfs, cifs, other)?

Note that the more info you provide the better able we will be to evaluate your problem.

yes it can be done but first you need share details like if your router is a rack mounted and what software you are running for pfsence or Opnsence or openwrt on tplink asus router and what firmware you are using and hardware and stuff. i will recommend you to ask in a different forum they provide you better help

If your router has a web-based configuration page, it’s the first thing to look at.
It could be possible that the USB storage is made available via Windows networking. If yes and configured, it can be accessed in Fedora via samba.
My router has an USB connector for a 4G dongle in order to have internet in case of DSL failure. That’s the only application for the USB. Or you can use it only to charge your phone…