USB Headset Fedora Compatibility

Greetings all!

I’m in the market for a new wired USB headset, as my Corsair Void RGB Elite is at the end of its life. This headset has been rock solid on Fedora for the past couple of years. Naturally, I tried the latest iteration of the same headset, but alas, microphone performance (both on Fedora and Windows) was abysmal, which was a shame.

For those of you who use wired USB headsets with Fedora, what brands and models do you use, and how have they worked for you?

My Jabra USB headset has worked well with my F36. Then it started giving me problems (low volume), then I moved to a headphone with normal 3.5mm jack.

I use a Turtle Beach Stealth 450 headset and it works perfectly. Previously used the 400 until the headband broke.

Has a USB wireless dongle, but also can connect with wired if you choose.