Usbredir dnf info URL is a dead link

Description: I would like to see meaningful changlog information about the usbredir RPM

Expected: run dnf info usbredir and get a URL field with a link to the upstream maintainer and their documentation.

Actual: run dnf info usbredir and get a URL which is a dead link.


$ dnf info usbredir | grep URL | head -n 1
URL          : Looks like they changed the page structure.


Thanks but it’s not really a solution to the dnf info part. Can you please share any advice about where to file a bug report regarding the RPM metadata?

I was able to locate the changelog here · master · spice / usbredir · GitLab

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Hmmm … I’m looking around … the Fedoraproject infrastructure is as a “deep blue sea” … not everyone has access to it :smile:

I found the packages but i really don’t know how to make a request to change the usbredir.spec file … there is the URL wrong.

usbredir | Package Info | koji

If someone knows please tell us !


I think RedHat Bugzilla is the proper way to manage this, you can attach this TOPIC as additional information