Use announcements or askEnglish for quick-to-fix issues, without interim workaround available, but that are fixed soon anyway?

@common-issues-triage & people:

Representative example: there is an issue at 5.19.9 with Intel 7265 wireless. 5.19.11 solves the issue and is already in testing ( It will be available in a day or two.

This is, imho, not worth a common issue. On one hand, there is no workaround because Intel 7265 in general does not work with the kernel atm. On the other hand, it was quick to fix on kernel maintainer/team level and 5.19.11 is available in a day or two.

Therefore, shall we use the announcements (which originally is intended for non-technical things) or “ask in English” - maybe with pinning for a day or two for something that might be more widespread? This may avoid several topics and avoid working time (especially as the issue is likely to be fixed with an update before the triage has been finished).

Also, it can help users because it avoids long elaborations in topics for something that cannot be fixed at this level, and it helps to keep the helpers up to date if something like that is going on (so it saves time for them AND the users).

For critical+urgent cases, we might note the bodhi build as “critical case” possibility, adding it as a post or such. However, I suggest to not get used to introduce bodhi builds as official workarounds in a common issue.

What do you think? Pinning announcements? Or pinning a normal “ask in English”? (The latter makes maybe most sense?). Pinning generally, only if assumed to be widespread, or never?

The generally smooth way would be to just add a normal “ask in English” topic without pinning or such, and add the solution once the fix is available in stable. Given that, at least in this case, the issue is not more common/widespread than other hardware-related issues, I tend myself to the smooth way in this case → (Wireless does no longer work since kernel 5.19.9)

Should the wireless not working topic be pinned instead of this topic?

It seems strange to globally pin a discussion topic like this.

Usually, I would put a topic like this into the lounge. I don’t like to have it here as well. But the administration of the common issues is mostly done by people who are not in the lounge. The goal was to make them aware as well. But I was not sure if site feedback is observed by the other related people (my guess is no). But you are right, I will link it from the lounge to replace the pin.

The other topic is not pinned as we have not yet any formal or informal approach for that. Also, as it is a case without dedicated topics “above average” yet, I just created a normal topic for now.

The general meta-question is if we have to have all related in common issues (or not at all), or if there is something in between common issues and user-created issue topics.