Use this thread to request automatic tagging

See background at automatic release tagging (based on very simple heuristic). In short, we can make tags automatically appear on posts based on keywords. I have implemented this so that “Fedora NN”, “Fedora Linux NN”, and “Fedora Workstation NN” all go to #fedora-linux-NN.

This topic will keep track of other mappings that we should included. If you have a suggestion, put it below. Site admins will then add it to the site config and the table below. Note that all suggestions should be:

  • Direct matches — for now, let’s not try to guess based on keywords that a topic is related to networking or wifi, or to some particular technology that wasn’t directly mentioned. (However, all site members at Trust Level 3 or higher are encouraged to add such tags manually if you’ve determined that they’re relevant. For the future, let’s discuss here.
  • Unlikely to be ambiguous — let’s not include too-short words that could be anything. And, we shouldn’t include commands like dnf, because they’re likely to be used incidentally in topics about something else (For example, dnf install foo in a question about “foo”, or mentions of kernel version pretty much anywhere.)
  • Practically useful for categorization; for example, we wouldn’t want to tag everything with #help, because that’s too broad.

This thread is also the place to note problems, like some automatic tag being applied in a way that is surprising or leads to the wrong result.

Current List

Text tag
amd amd
amdgpu amdgpu
intel intel
kinoite kinoite
nvidia nvidia
pipewire pipewire
radeon radeon
silverblue silverblue
vaapi vaapi
virtualbox virtualbox
wayland wayland
wireplumber wireplumber

… and also the Fedora Linux version tags as mentioned above.

Note that none of these are case-sensitive