Users should got notification when Trust Level changes

I know our Trust Level will change automatically based on our recent involvement with the site.

But it will be great if I can got a notification when my Trust Level is changed - no matter it is up or down.

I’ll look into the possibilities. There is a notification when you go from 1 to 2, and also I believe there is a warning if you miss the criteria for 3 and are about to go back to 2 (there is a grace period). I’m not sure of the details, though.

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I am not aware if there are pre-warnings about going from 3 to 2. But I do not exactly know where to look for it.

I guess when you not see the pen to edit the title anymore you are back to level 2.

Once back to Level 2, there are various indications.

But it will be great if there is a notification when level changes - and for automatical demotions, a pre-warning will be nice also.

This is all I can find about notifications.

I might have been imagining things about the warning. I don’t think there’s a way to see your current actions needed, either. I think that’s to encourage genuine participation, because most of the things are, like, “read a certain number of new topics”, and if that told the number I think some people would be encouraged to click things without really reading them.

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It is OK with out the pre-warning - it is nice to have, but it is OK.

As long as the platform do not provide notification on level change, then there is not much can be done. So be it.

So, actually — it turns out I can see the progress towards TL3 in the admin interface for any given user. In your case, you are short (just barely) on one single metric, “posts read”.

Thank you for the hints.