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I recall a Dick van Dyke episode where he gets a prank phone call saying he has a problem with his phone. He was told to place his phone in a paper bag, go out to the front yard, and swing it around over his head while standing on one foot, and scream like a chicken. This comes to mind everytime I try to print to my HP Laser Jet MFP 130 fn. Fedora’s website says Fedora is for developers. It’s become painfully apparent that it’s for no one else. Despite the giga bytes of file updates, I haven’t realized any ease of use since I started using it at Fedora 17. I also wonder what these developers are developing that benefits everyday users. I have to wonder what IBM thinks they got for the purchase of Red Hat.

Hello @tinkegerlead
Do you know that this kind of discussions doesn’t lead anywhere? Everyone has a more or less strong opinion.

Fedora is not only for developers (and a developer is not forcibly a kernel developer, or a GNU/Linux developer). I have heard many hard core Linux users that consider Fedora too simple :slight_smile: The aim of Fedora, like some other distribution, is to have a system that just works in order to let you focus on your real work. For many people, the operating system is a tool to accomplish some work, it is not the work itself. If you are a developer you should focus on writing code and not in spending your time tinkering with the system and configurations. Same thing for any other kind of user. (I installed Fedora on my daughter’s laptop; she is not a technology enthusiast, she use the laptop just for the school tasks and to hear some music and watch some online videos; she is not interested in /etc or modules and bash; probably she would be happy with any other operating system under the hood).
Are you talking about printing? OMG, I have 20 years of experience in the IT field. Printing has always been a pain in the ass. Doesn’t matter if it is Linux, Windows, Mac or OS/2. Trust me, you can’t blame Fedora if you encounter printing issues. I’ve always encountered printing issues (every kind of issues btw) with every operating system.


It’s become painfully apparent that it’s for no one else. Despite the giga bytes of file updates, I haven’t realized any ease of use since I started using it at Fedora 17.

One random person’s experience does not make a product useless for every other user out there. I have been using Fedora for 3 years as my daily driver and I have been able to do everything I need from an operating system easily, including printing to multiple HP printers. If you can’t figure it out how to solve your problems, that doesn’t mean it also applies to everyone else. I agree with @alciregi, this discussion is off-topic and won’t lead anywhere. Just use whatever solves your problems and makes you happy instead of flaming a distro’s developers and users.


I totally agree that printing often is … annoying. And indeed regardless of the operating system, because most of my problems are:

  1. Some d** i** making documents in letter size! My printer refuses to print anything besides A4 and gets stuck with other weird paper sizes.
  2. Out of paper
  3. Paper jammed somewhere inside the printer
  4. Out of ink/toner

So yeah, for none of these very common and annoying issue can I blame Fedora. Problem 1 could be fixed though, by simply using internationally widespread standards and not adhering to some lone countries special needs, especially for default settings.

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This topic is not a discussion, nor a query, so I’m going to close it.

Please ask specific topics for specific issues so that people can help.


FROM Fedora Website

Created for Developers.

Fedora Workstation is a reliable, user-friendly, and powerful operating system for your laptop or desktop computer. It supports:
  1. a wide range of developers
  2. from hobbyists and students
  3. professionals in corporate environments.


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