Vendor lock-in Microsoft Account. Solution to migrate my account is needed

I have an Office 365 account and recently received the friendly reminder that renewal is needed to further access my account via the administrator portal. Of course, and thanks to FOSS, I don’t want to renew my account.
For office, there are a plenty of solutions available, but what makes me a bit nervous is my e-mail-account with an Microsoft domain.
Now, the date will come soon and all my communication and accounts are somehow linked to this single account.
I can hardly imagine that it is possible to completely block access to the mails of the past, but it seems that I will get some problems with access, because currently external programs simply cannot load the account-data for whatever reason.
I have less than a week to find a solution or I feel forced to renew at least my email account.

As you are certainly aware of, Microsoft isn’t very cheap when it comes to Office solutions.
I’m thinking about forwarding rules or whatever to trick Microsoft for the stress they are making right now. Any ideas?

Otherwise I would also be interested in how I best migrate all these accounts that are obviously linked to my email-address, the newsletter subscriptions or whatever in one go.
I haven’t any clue what I have forgotten and what I will miss very soon. I haven’t any detailed inventory what services are linked to the account, so I’m obviously running into a bigger problem here…

I am not sure I am entirely following your question. Is it an address or something similar?

I think those revert to a free account when you cancel your subscription. See here

Alternatively, if there are hosting email for a custom domain you should be able to move that to another provider.

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Thanks @dalto. I’m using the Microsoft standard domain for office 365, which ends with
Unfortunately, that isn’t the free account. It’s an offer of an Office365 subscription. I can buy just the email service for a couple (approx. 3-5) of Euro per month, but that isn’t a price I want to pay for just an email-service.

Isn’t that what the link I posted refers to? Cancelling a paid account?

You might just ask Microsoft support if there is a way to keep your email address if you cancel.

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Oh, ok. I will check that. Thanks a lot! Feedback is following after the 10th of June.

Read this and you will get the necessary answers contact the Microsoft support of your country.

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