VirtualBox (from rpmfusion) cannot open machines with recent updates

that’s a different thing. They were talking about the Extension Pack, not the guest additions.

yes and no. There are two versions:

  • PUEL, which is distributed by Oracle, and
  • OSE, which is distributed by rpmfusion

see: VirtualBox - Wikipedia

Thanks for the detailed info. I only have knowledge of where the packages come from and am seldom privy to the details of why that decision is made.

I do understand that if there is a mandatory portion of the packaging (such as akmod-virtualbox) that fedora cannot freely distribute then the entire package is restricted from distribution by fedora. You just explained that.

It really does not matter to the user which part is restricted or why, only that the entire group of packages are not directly available from fedora due to restrictions.

Not totally exact.
PUEL applies to the extension pack See also VirtualBox_PUEL – Oracle VM VirtualBox and both the version distributed by oracle and the one from rpmfusion are FLOSS covered by the GPL.

The fundamental difference between the two is the way they are built.

The RPM fusion version tries to conform to the way packages are built according to the Fedora guidelines. It also relies on the kmodtool framework and akmod to automatically rebuild the external kernel module needed each time a fedora kernel is updated.

There is no hidden feature in the Oracle version that is not in the OSE version (as distributed by RPM Fusion).

Hope this helps

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