Vision of fedora future

I’ve been using Fedora since at least version 22. It’s now 10 versions later, and GIGA- bytes downloaded. I’m curious just exactly what is Fedora’s vision. I still can’t connect my HP printer scanner and scan. It prints - reluctantly. I can’t update my Garmin GPS. I pretty much can’t connect any periphreal and see it work. Inorder to do anything, I have to run Windows 7 in a VirtualBox virtual machine that frequently gets broken and Fedora stating they don’t support it. So here I am contemplating Windows 10 again just so I can do things. I don’t run a web server, which I understand Fedora does well. If that’s it, then I don’t need Fedora.

So guys, what’s the plan?

Have you contacted HP about your problem? They provide the linux drivers for their machines.

Have you contacted/complained to Garmin, or asked them to use lvfs like other manufacturers do?

Actually, you don’t. You can use the native virtualization stack, that gets updated within the distribution and for which Microsoft has released specific drivers.


Let’s discuss this in a separate thread, based on Information you provide about model and the steps you tried to get your scanner and printer working. Usually HP printers are very well supported and in my past experience printing works out the box.


For anyone that is interested in the overall goals of the community, please refer to this:

A discussion here is really not going to be useful—this is meant to be a forum for end users, and discussions about objectives and so on fit the -devel list much better.

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About the support to hp printers and Garmin GPS; short answer proprietary vrs free… Then if you are using Fedora 22… F3x. You know about it or the future…

Then; Here comes third-party repositories, but most users are ungrateful and whiny; in their selfish life they could collaborate with them… And here the people need money for its time and infrastructure.

The next time, choise a distro who include your needs or go back to windows. Sorry but we are adults and free to choice in the world.

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That’s a generalisation of course. Lots of users are extremely grateful when they understand how the FOSS eco system works. So, the solution here is to explain how things work to people outside the community so they understand the workings of a volunteer based community.

Anyway, I’m closing this topic now.